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Apple's Crappy App store review times

1 I’m Slow to the Party being pissed at apple for their app store review times. I then read the app store review process and believe that most app developers are being coerced into using the app store because of the huge apple marketing machine. Check out the time it takes at Shiny Development I’m Currently waiting for 7 apps to clear the apple review process. some of the criteria:

More Laws That is what we need

For as long as they’ve been banded about, 3D printers were regarded as the path to a new economy, a method of distributed manufacturing, and a revolution for the current consumer culture. With every revolution, a few people need to get angry and the guys at Defense Distributed are doing their part to make that happen. They’re designing a handgun able to be Printed on a hobbyist-level 3D printer Full Story and Hack A Day

Surprise Merge VMWARE and Openstack

Gigaom Reported Just in time for VMWorld, VMware is about to join the OpenStack Foundation as a Gold member, along with Intel and NEC, according to a post on the Openstack Foundation Wiki. The applications for membership are on the agenda of the August 28 OpenStack Foundation meeting. A year ago, an VMware-OpenStack hookup would have been seen as unlikely. When Rackspace and NASA launched the OpenStack Project more than two years ago, it was seen as a competitive response to VMware’s server virtualization dominance inside company data centers and to Amazon heft in public cloud computing.

Blizzard Compromise

SANS Link James brought this to my attention shortly after I checked in for my shift: There are a few more details here: Check out this Geek Howto on changing your password Also Check out the Battlenet authenticator I believe they also have an iPhone app for 2FA authentication.

People Think the TSA is doing a good Job ! What Crap !

this Forbes Article that touts stats about the gallup poll that finds a bunch of people think the tea is doing a good Job They polled some 1100 people (how many of them have had to go through TSA in Chicago or LA ???? ) San Antonio wasn’t bad and I got through pretty quickly.. but overall what are they preventing? I know they’re causing frustration with general passengers

Steve Harris Solo Project

Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris announced that he will release a solo album entitled “British Lion” through EMI Music on September 24, 2012. The album is comprised of ten songs that Steve and his collaborators have been working on for the past few years between Iron Maiden tours and releases. Full Story

Jazzy gave us a scare!

We have a floating laminate floor in the house in San Antonio, and if you don’t already know they can resonate sound. The sound of toe nails on this floor is how Sydney our youngest, who can’t seem to walk anywhere she trots, got the nick name “TicTic”. Thursday Morning about 2am Jazziril (jazzy) our 3 year old Australian Shepherd woke us with frantic running in place while laying on his side.

More reasons to boycott microsoft products

1. Crap Products in the first Place See the Hundreds of dollars lost on ME 98 1st Vista 7 2. Force one to use their other products by making them incompatible with universal Standards. Use Out look with CalDav WebDav or IMAP < not well anyway. 3. Microsoft Bans Employees From Using Apple Products As Work Machines So you want someone else’s product Not if you work for microsoft. I wonder if we should completely boycott microsoft products at apple or apple and MS at google.

Moved to San Antonio, TX

New gig at Rackspace For those who haven’t heard Rackspace offered me a position as a Linux engineer II. Located at their San Antonio Tx Location. They made a great offer and paid to relocate us to Texas. Pack and Ship, as well as ship one of the Vehicles. We made it down to Texas Tuesday the 17th, I would recommend Flying, 1200 Miles in an explorer with my Wife, Samara (tabby), Jazziril and Sydney (peanut) our Australian shepherds.

Happy Admin and Developers Day

A Work colleague pointed this article that brings up some interesting points. An article was published yesterday in one of Austin’s local papers about Austin’s tech talent shortage. I was job hunting just a couple months ago and get a lot of calls from recruiters and hear about friends’ companies who are hiring and I think it’s pretty damned accurate. And by accurate I mean that it points out how fucking ridiculous some of these companies are being.