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Jan 14, 2021 - 3 minute read - page

Hello My Name is Marty Buchaus

I’m currently a Linux Engineer at Rackspace Hosting, A PHP Developer, Bassist, Husband and Uncle. I’ve had long relationship with Linux and Unix. I don’t do Windows and have finally gotten my house Microsoft free as of June 2010 when I acquired an Imac for my wife. That has now changed as Using mac’s for High video Gaming is not so good. Plus all Windows OS’s are gaming platforms (ONLY).

News on the Microsoft Front - 02/08/2018 Unfortunately I have relented a windows machine for the wife to play World of Warcraft on and I have a virtual Machine running windows 10. (just when I though I was out)

My bud David Dahl turned me on to mac’s after around OSX Panther came out.. I bought a powerbook G4 and well now I have 5 macs in the house as well as many Linux boxes. Yeah my electric bills SUCK!. So I guess you could call me an apple fan. I love that OSX is based on UNIX. I don’t however have an Iphone as I will No longer give AT & Monopoly any more money.

I started in computers back in the 80’s with the TRS-80 commodore 64 Timex and Ti 99 Using Audio tapes to save basic language programs, Man how things have changed. Jump ahead to the 90’s I got my first (real pc ) i386 33 in 93′. I had others 8088’s and the like but pre-modem, pre-BBS days.. well they were quite dull and well Nintendo games were better not that I really played those either. Anyway My current career started with that i386 DOS3 and a 2400 baud modem.

In January 2012 I packed up the family and moved to San Antonio Tx. To work for Rackspace Hosting (RAX) It has been quite the adjustment for everyone. It doesn’t get cold down here, and if you didn’t like Tacos before you will now. Texas main dish is Chili plplpl it’s Taco! “Taco Flavored Kisses” mmmuaa


We’ve moved back to the Chicago area. Still working for Rackspace remotely.

My Latest musical ventures A country Americana Band Called Gun Slingers, Zero the Hero original metal Music, Phase 2 A Classic Rock Cover Band and Unit 57 A Classic Rock Cover Band. A short stint with another original metal band Victory or Death. All of witch you can Listen to

Back In Chicago I was with Jim Brucks – Guitar check out our projects at Quadra Studios ( Siixx, Charlotte’s Nightmare, and our new Ozzy Tribute Project Black Rhoads) Jim and I had ventured from BlackRhoads and Joined with Dean Tavernier and Mad Brad Toth to Complete the Vinyl Release Debut of Stone Magnum


Moving Back to Chicago area has been good in some ways, bad in others. I am now a master Freemason of Oak Forest #832 Illinois. The Property Taxes and Taxes in general for Illinois, and especially Crook county are outrageous and uncompensated. Meaning The Local indoctrination centers are kicking out moronic kids that can’t make change much less understand things like Yield and for that matter what savings over not spending in the first place.

Got together with Jim and Pat Murphy, Jim T and adding Billy Maddon, making Trainwreck Arena Rock covers a force to be reckoned with. With one exception in mind at the moment.


The Year of Hell!! Covid Plandemic!, Stolen Election, SCOTUS Blanket denial of cases brought before them.


Lets hope this year is better by far than 2020.

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