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Dec 31, 2020 - 2 minute read - Comments - page

2020 Year of HELL!!!


2020 10 17

  • Well I havent written Much.
  • Hook up with Harvest Hosts. Night stays.. Nice
  • Got Apples in Michigan
  • Am Being Pushed to violence by our Illinois Prictator


2020 08 29

  • Did the second set of multiple 1st Degree work today.. Melvin.
  • Leaving for Tennessee tomorrow after meeting with Peggy and Hub tonight for Pizza
  • Sync Hook with linode objects and nextcloud being in the cloud .


2020 07 15

  • This CCP Virus Bull shit has got to stop. Death rate fallse Case rate rises “due to more testing”
  • Back from Tulsa where we received coaching from Brad Sides.. Still havent gotten a deal yet but we’re working it.
  • the Pod worked well.. the AC is cranking cause it was 98 with 80% humidity down there.
  • Today is Tax day and Gary already filed and extension for me.


2020 05 15

  • I have been In Lockdown in the house since March 3rd when we heard about the cases of the CCP Virus landing in the US. I have still been working everyday. Everyone is healthy. All of the shows got canceled for train wreck and everyone else actually.
  • Testing the password store auth-source in emac
  • And More


2020 02 23

  • Did the Cheers show last nite.. one of the better ones. Sound was good Francisco and Herbert came out.


2020 01 29

  • British Lion Show.

2020 01 22

  • Finished Patching RS
  • Moms Birthday today..
  • Political Circus Continues.

2020 01 14

2020 01 08

  • Migration of the blog back to wordpress using org2blog

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