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2021 11 03

Salt conf day one.. Thomas Hatch is quite the intense thinker, very inspiring on how to think issues and applying them

  • one cannot just throw away history. Old wisdom and New knowledge


2021 09 10 Tulsa

We’re closing on the sale of 2637 E 20th st Tulsa, OK Glad to be rid of this house. it’s been a remote GC nightmare.

2021 09 10 Rackspace

Rackspace has transferred me out of the company as of January 28th 2022. Just 2 days before my 10 year anniversary.


See July…


We spend Most of June and July Waiting for the delivery of our things. They Sat on a dock for 40+ Days.. it took 48 days from pickup in Oak Forest, to delivery in Naples.


2021 06 17

  • Looks like we still aren’t getting our stuff I’d be surprised if it’s here this weekend. So I should run up to the stated and if it’s still in Chicago Rent a Truck and Bring it down.

2021 06 10

  • Well we made it down and Medal of Honor Movers Still has not delivered our stuff.. Since May 28th loaded and had possession of everything.. Whats the Bet on how much is missing or Damaged


2021 05 26

  • Almost finished packing Move day 28th or 29th depending on the movers
  • Call from mortgage about Escrow cash source may have to refund and re up from verifiable source

2021 05 12

  • Loan process still under way
  • New house almost in the bag.


2021 04 30

  • Update Post about moving to florida

2021 04 29

  • We’ve Found a house and closing June 1st in Naples Florida Working on Financing and underwriting
  • l3 l l

2021 04 28

  • My Last Attendance of Practice with Trainwreck. Sad and depressing for me. one of the 4 things I ’ll miss about leaving Illinois to the {infinate} number of things I won’t miss
    • Trainwreck
    • Oak Forest Lodge 832
    • Pizza <real
    • Gyro <real

2021 04 25

  • We have Finally Got a house in Naples. After Lack of communication from our First Realtor 4 weeks. With the new Realtor it took a week.

2021 04 06

  • We found a house and also found that It had Chinese Drywall (irradiated materials)


2021 03 23

  • Headed to Florida to find a house

2021 03 01

  • It’s Now official we’ll be moving to Florida before the end of June 2021

2021 03 10

  • The HR1 bill if passed will ensure communist rise in the United States of America
  • My Days are now filled with Planning for the purchase of a place in Florida and the subsequent move.
  • Woway had 2 full days of no dropped packets.. Now we’re back to 6 to 25% over 3 hours.
  • Nana’s Cracked Tooth.


2021 02 09

  • Nana is Doing better after her Kidney stone surgery.
  • I believe the house in tulsa will be done by March Maybe.
  • We’re Moving to Florida. Logistics still need to be figured out but I will make it happen


2021 01 14

  • Updates to blog structure and Daily notes
  • Corrected the daily notes for Update Poll
  • I have now published the latest info to the static blog.. YAY! so now there is no hack No Database No Scripting to cause or harbor a problem
  • I’ve finished updateing the blorg to blog and yay tis done.. and published

2021 01 15

  • I am going to try to keep things up today with Highlights of each day.
  • No Official announcement yet.. but the plan is to be out of Illinois by June 2021.
  • I also need to consciously move away from Bitching about Politics. very hard right now when it affects all parts of our lives

2021 01 29

  • There are many things that are bothering me about the new Communist regime that we have in our government right now. Waiting for the dust to settle and to make sure I don’t get sent to the gulag for speaking out about Big Brother Biden

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