MS has Failed!

I came across this article in my reading while on Vacation but had to get this out.. cause the mainstream is finally catching on to Microsoft being on the way out.! Read what I'm talking about and make up your own mind, of course. Lock in or out that is the question. -Marty

More reasons to boycott microsoft products

1. Crap Products in the first Place See the Hundreds of dollars lost on ME 98 1st Vista 7 2. Force one to use their other products by making them incompatible with universal Standards. Use Out look with CalDav WebDav or IMAP < not well anyway. 3. Microsoft Bans Employees From Using Apple Products As Work Machines So you want someone else’s product Not if you work for microsoft. I wonder if we should completely boycott microsoft products at apple or apple and MS at google.

Did Microsoft steal the kinect?

In 2009, while Microsoft was busy designing and marketing what would become the Kinect, [Carlos Anzola], an inventor, tinkerer, and self-ascribed geek from Bogotá, Colombia, had been working for years on a nearly identical gesture interface for the PC. His creation, the Human interface Electronic Device, or HiE-D – pronounced ‘Heidi’ – was capable of gesture recognition years before Microsoft would release the Kinect. Full Story