Daily Notes

2018 12 December 2018 12 14 Back from the Rained out Christmas Party as Sea World San Antonio. Had Dinner with Family Exchange some gifts. OH NO MY Niece is Driving. Stay off the roads.. I’m old Tried to move to Vanilla Emacs, Spacemacs has too many features that I use Each Day. I’m going to work on modifying Spacemacs to fit my needs 2018 12 03 Getting ready to head out to corporate tomorrow for the week.

Moving to Jekyll from wordpress

Info Moving the Blog over to Jekyll for Blogging. I can keep up with Emacs (Spacemacs) to do most everything. ## Emacs (Spacemacs) I’ve been using vi/vim for years and I was introduced to Spacemacs, the bridge between Emacs and vim (evil) I’ve found the Emacs ecosystem to be very alive and busy. Where has this been all my time on computers? Well right in front of my face! I had missed this Huge advantageous system of editor, IDE, mail, news reader, PIM, etc.