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Stuff I Use

Jan 27, 2023 - 3 minute read -

Software I use

Operating System:

  • I use Linux and Unix On my workstations I use Arch Linux oh yeah “I use Arch by the way!” This has somehow become the elitist mantra meme of Arch users. But I don’t care what Linux you use, or even unix, the mach kernel on unix is stretching things and Microgarbage, what are you my grandmother!


  • I used to use Termite and still do as a backup if anything happens to:
  • I’ve switches to alacritty due to it’s speed equality across distros and resolutions, ligature support and “having a config file”


  • ZSH

Window Manager / Desktop Environment

  • i3wm

Text editing and development

Web Browser

Writing Documents

  • I use org-mode a major mode for Emacs in which I use Spacemacs Configuration. org-mode allows for robust outlining and other controls over plane text. Far surpassing markdown and other markup languages. With the use of Pandoc I export to Markdown, HTML, PDF via Latex and more.
  • Expanding to use Hugo and the Emacs / org-mode minor mode ox-hugo to export org-mode files for the site
  • Simple Deploy Script (redacted)
      #!/usr/bin/env sh
      # I like using absolute paths when I can
      cd ~/Sites/
      USER={username here}
      HOST={hostname here}
      DIR={relative path to home on the server}
      /usr/bin/hugo && /usr/bin/rsync -avz --delete public/ ${USER}@${HOST}:~/${DIR}
      # if you don't know this returns you to the directory you were in when you
      # called this script
      cd -

File manager

Mail Client

  • mu4e Exclusively now
  • Neomutt Is in the back seat as a backup

Music / Audio Player

RSS Reader

Cloud Files and Storage

Hardware I use

New desktop

  • Frankenstation
    • Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite
    • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 24 thread 12 core
    • 64 gig of RAM
    • AMD ATI Radeon Pro WX 7100 GPU
    • Still on Arch / Arco Linux

Laptop 1

  • Lenovo P50
    • 64 G Ram
    • 2x 512G nvme ssd
    • 1 1TB 7200 barracuda hdd

Laptop 2 or Couch laptop

  • Dell Latatude Touch screen <bonus
  • 8 G Ram
  • 1x 512G nvme ssd

3 Black box Big Honking Servers

  • 10TB raid array’s each

2 Little Dell Desktops

Audio Equipment


  • 1976? Fender Precision
  • 2007 Peavey Grind 5 string
  • 2008 Warwick Thumb BT 5 String
  • 19?? Yamaha BB? Fretless 4
  • 2012 Xavier Acoustic 4 string


  • Berrigner euro power 2500
  • Carvin BA500


  • BBE Sonic Maximizes
  • Tech 21 RPM pre-amp
  • DBX 163 Compressor
  • Line 6 G90 Wireless
  • some in ear wireless monitor


  • 1 peavey 4x10
  • 1 peavey 1x10

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