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Jan 9, 2020 - 1 minute read - technology

Qutebrowser Permission Not Saved

Qutebrowser Permissions

First I have to say, I really like qutebrowser. Its a keyboard driven browser with definable key bindings but initially based on vim style bindings.

I had run into issues with qutebrowser not storing the permissions to allow various things like “allow site send notifications”, “store cookies”, etc. This had been annoying but not enough to go search out the PEBKAC.

Well today it hit the threshold of “aaah what is causeing that!!”, so I hit up the github repo and found the Issue. Yep it was me, as I though. I had the config.load_autoconfig() line commented out. and that is where, when one hits Y in lew of y for a permission request popup, the data response is stored.

# Uncomment this to still load settings configured via autoconfig.yml

So Yay foss community, Yay The-Compiler (Florian Bruhin) · GitHub for starting this project, yay being annoyed enough to go find the solution to my being thick.

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