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Nov 9, 2018 - 2 minute read - Comments - technology

Mu4e Goodies Addon

While searching around github today I came across a plugin for mu4e that is bringing mail closer to what I had with mutt. I switched away from mutt to bring all mail into emacs (spacemacs must have my Vim bindings). mu4e handles maildir and multiple account very well. As well as using Xapian to index the mail, making it’s searching extremely fast. I was missing Tagging though. Which brings me to mu4e-goodies There are two repos in github so make sure to check out the linked repo that belongs to panjie. There is a little file in there called mu4e-goodies-tags.el that implements X-Keyword tags functions to your mail. In spacemacs I use my own configuration layer to load and adjust spacemacs to do my bidding. The files are not available in elpa so one must use the github fetcher.

(setq marty-mu4e-packages '(
                            (mu4e :location site )
                            (mu4e-goodies  :location (recipe :fetcher github
                                                             :repo "panjie/mu4e-goodies"))

Spacemacs leverages use-package to include, and instantiate the files

(defun marty-mu4e/init-mu4e-goodies ()
  (use-package mu4e-goodies))

I really like how this one works.. I’ve hit up the author on github to see if they know of a way to search by these keywords in the mu4e user interface. I’ll update and fill in this post as I learn More

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