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Oct 5, 2018 - 2 minute read - politics

Leftist Violent Entitled Unfit To Breath

I am really getting sick of this circus. The “left”, “liberal”, “democrat”, or whatever they are called. Narrative brainwashed repeaters of non-truisms. I just read Dennis Prager’s Article on why the left is entitled to ignore decency. and I have a few questions.

In the Picture there are people with signs and shirts with statements like.

“Women strike back”.. seems to me to be a first strike scenario here.

“We will not be silent”.. Oh god we can only pray that you one day STFU.

“Be a hero” Do we need to drag out the Websters here one should know what that word means.

and my Favorite “Angry Entitled Unfit to Serve” I retort that the left and they guy holding the sign is “Angry Entitled and Unfit the breathe”

I don’t see any angry protesters at hospitals sneering at doctors Mutilating the genitalia of boys after birth. I don’t see protesters with “men strike back” at divorce hearings where they Will loose their kids and at least 50% of what they worked and will work for, as well as child support with no rights to the use of the money or their rearing. And if Blowing up out of anger at those accusing you of something you deny again and again, How the Fuck is Mad max waters still in office. or alive for that matter.

I really believe that many of these “People”? need to be taught how logic works. What reasoning is. How to put FACTS and Evidence together, and how our system of government “DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC’ works.

This is why I constantly say one cannot fix Stupid! I can though try to bring them out of their stupor.

  • Marty