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Oct 5, 2018 - 2 minute read - Comments - snuffstuff

Kidney Stone


Well I’ve now learned what having a kidney stone feels like. I cannot say that I ever really wanted to know. Saturday morning Sep 22nd I woke at 3 am with abdominal Pain and nausea. After trying to live through it till Sunday Morning, when I checked into the ER. Had a CT and Blood work. The CT showed a 10mm Stone. YAY!? I was Wheeled up to surgery where they put in a stint. Why the Sonic popping thing wasn’t done was, as explained to me, that it was an elective surgery and there was a line. So Due to that and the ,unknown to me at the time, seriousness of this issue. When one cannot pass the stone one could die from pressure build up in the kidney. Anyway the Stint is keeping the path from kidney to bladder open for now.. Monday I will see a Chicago area doctor and get it address further. Removal or disbursement at least.

  • Marty

Continuation: 2018 10 02

Back Home I meet with a Dr Herzog Urology, and found the hospital should have given me the imagery from the CT done while in ER. Today starts the Bureaucratic hassle of getting that sent up here. Had an Xray done and (HAVE DISK) imagery for Dr to assess what best course of action will be. Sonic or “LAZER”. Assessment Thursday and potentially removal next Monday.

Update: 2018 10 05

The procedure is called a Lithotripsy (Ultrasound busting of stone) and I’ll be in Monday 8 is (finding out later today on that). The Hospital (Palos) Called and said it would cost $30,000 and my 90/10 ppo would have me covering $3000 so I would have to give them a deposit/down payment of $100.00. I, of course flipped out. My Gastric Sleeve only cost $18,000 and that wasn’t an outpatient procedure. I was in the hospital for 3 days including the day of the surgery. So we’re calling BCBS and Finding out what they will pay for the procedure, and I’m only paying 10% of that. (Grr medical billing!!!)

Update: 2018 11 05

Ok so the stone is gone and the Bills arrive! Medical insurance billing is a major Joke. I can’t believe they get away with not knowing what will be changed until after the procedure.