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Mar 30, 2012 - 2 minute read - Comments - snuffstuff

Jazzy Gave Us A Scare

We have a floating laminate floor in the house in San Antonio, and if you don’t already know they can resonate sound. The sound of toe nails on this floor is how Sydney our youngest, who can’t seem to walk anywhere she trots, got the nick name “TicTic”.

Thursday Morning about 2am Jazziril (jazzy) our 3 year old Australian Shepherd woke us with frantic running in place while laying on his side. We though it was an intense dream at first, but with more light and less fog in the head from being startled awake, we learned he was having a seizure. It lasted under 2 minuets. Nana and I both were understandably scared for him.

We’ve done a bunch of reading on the subject now. We’ve found that some bloodlines of Aussies have a genetic disposition toward seizures. We’ve got a call in to the Breeder Denise Hillman, to ask if she knows of any other of Jazz’s siblings.

The Other possibility is that Jazz had just received a 3 year rabies vaccination in the past 3 days.. Reading on this has show that seizures are in the list of side effects of rabies vaccinations.


Almost 30 days to the day has had a second seizure. We’re attempting to find external stimulus that may have caused this, but I’m thinking Genetics are the main factor.