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Mar 21, 2012 - 1 minute read - technology

More Reasons To Boycott Microsoft Products

1. Crap Products in the first Place

See the Hundreds of dollars lost on ME 98 1st Vista 7

2. Force one to use their other products by making them incompatible with

universal Standards. Use Out look with CalDav WebDav or IMAP < not well anyway.

3. Microsoft Bans Employees From Using Apple Products As Work Machines

So you want someone else’s product Not if you work for microsoft. I wonder if we should completely boycott microsoft products at apple or apple and MS at google.


I refer again to US v Microsoft I do still believe microsoft is aiming to monopolize the industry. Does their web browser (PRODUCT) run on anything but windows. Can outlook use Any other calendaring system.? Does window connect to NFS or AFS ( not without paying for third party ware)

yet Linux, OSX and other connect to smb/cifs quite regularly and from default installs.