Stuff I Use

Software I use

Operating System:

I use Linux and Unix On my workstations I use Arch Linux Currently with the Endeavour OS Installer. I use Debian Linux on My Servers.


I use the Termite Simple Terminal. Found In the Arch Repo. With the config from my (TODO dotfiles) I’ve used Luke Smith’s build of the Suckless Simple Terminal. Found in the Arch User repository AUR, found at st-luke, but find the Xresources Method too clunky to recommend.


  • ZSH

Window Manager / Desktop Environment

  • i3wm

Text editing and development

  • Doom and Spacemacs Emacs & VIM

Web Browser

  • Qutebrowser

Writing Documents

I use org-mode a major mode for Emacs in which I use Doom Emacs Configuration. org-mode allows for robust outlining and other controls over plane text. Far surpassing markdown and other markup languages. With the use of Pandoc I export to Markdown, HTML, PDF via Latex and more.

File manager

  • Ranger

Mail Client

  • Neomutt

Music / Audio Player

  • MPD and various MPClients

RSS Reader

  • news boat

Hardware I use


  • Lenovo P50
    • 64 G Ram
    • 2x 512G nvme ssd
    • 1 1TB 7200 barracuda hdd

2008 Mac pro

Some Acer Desktop

3 Black box Honking Servers

  • 10TB raid array’s each

2 Little Dell Desktops with OPNsense Firewall

Audio Equipment


  • 1976? Fender Precision
  • 2007 Poeavey Grind 5 string
  • 2008 Warwick Thumb BT 5 String
  • 19?? Yamaha BB? Fretless 4
  • 2012 Xavier Acoustic 4 string


  • Berrigner euro power 2500
  • Carvin BA500


  • BBE Sonic Maximizes
  • Tech 21 RPM pre-amp
  • DBX 163 Compressor
  • Line 6 G90 Wireless
  • some in ear wireless monitor


  • 2 Ampeg SVT 8×10
  • 1 peavey 4×10
  • 1 peavey 1×10