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NAME: William Marty Buchaus Jr.

William Marty Buchaus Jr - A Nerd and Bassist


Marty [--admin systems] [--leader] [--entrepreneur] [--musician]


I'm a Linux Engineer With skills in system administration, system automation, development, I’m a problem solver or restorative obsessed. I’ve been a Linux User, admin, Engineer for over 20 years. Prior to this I used DOS, Desqview, OS/2 and others. I Ran The Snuffy BBS. Renegade BBS. FIDO net hub for Northern Illinois. I have worked in the IT Field since 1996 With the start of my first ISP. Dial up and Hosting Services. Which started my dive into Linux (Slackware)


--admin systems

Extensive experience configuring, hardening and the maintenance of many popular Linux systems:

* Debian Based (Debian, Ubuntu)
* RPM Based (Redhat, Centos, SUSE)
* Arch Linux

Well versed in Virtualization platforms

* Virtualbox
* VMware since it was win4lin
* Xen

Skilled in Rapid Deployment and management of systems using configuration management Technology

* Puppet
* Saltstack
* Ansible
* CFengine < old school
* Func

Started in the Hosting Industry and have been in many positions within the hosting industry which focus my knowledge to the supporting Technologies

* DNS / Bind, MyDNS, djbdns etc. Full and Extensive knowledge of DNS and its workings
* 24/7 Up-time SLA and understanding of 5 9’s up-time and 95 percentile graphing and billing.

Red Hat Certified Engineer since 2001


I've learned over years that management of people is not one of my strengths. I’ve also learned that I do have wisdom to share with Jr admins coming into the workforce. Since starting at Rackspace I’ve mentored and aided many members of the various teams with experience I’ve amassed over my career


I've started and managed multiple companies with and without partners. The family machining and manufacturing business. Internet service provisioning, hosting, consulting, and real estate investment. Self motivated and driven to success.


I am part of a musical family. Personally I’ve played keys and trombone, but my passion and loved instrument is bass. I’ve been practicing since ’84 and on various recordings with multiple bands over the years.


* Joyent ( Present )

My Current role at Joyent has as Devops Engineer or (SRE) managing the automation for the operational applications using ansible, implement the CICD from Jenkins to deployment. System update to latest security for Security compliance.

* Rackspace ( Jan/2012 Jan/2022 )

My Current role at Rackspace has me managing the Servers and automation for the developers of our network security teams. Managing the servers and processes that implement the CICD from Jenkins to deployment. System update to latest security for Security compliance.

- consult with other teams for experience
- support and mentor Juniors on process and procedure.
- OS full mgmt of large number of users with small team.

* OptionMonster / TradeMonster ( 4/2010 - 1/2012 )

A Small team of 4 divided into 2 for Desktop and help desk 1 Networking and 1 Systems (me) Supported the online trading platform of OptionMonster’s retail subscription based platform. This platform was a Flash based 24/7 trading system. supported by 18 developers and 40+ trading brokers. We managed all facets of production, staging DR Multi DC redundant BGP/OSPF Balanced environments. well over 300+ servers. This is where I implemented CFEngine to allow for the rapid management and configuration of mass services.

* Fermi Lab ( 12/2008 - 4/2010 )

Managed Large amounts of data 19 Petabytes with random access to sequentially stored data on LTO tapes. Using a home grown python based metadata psudo-nfs system. Each tape drive was connected to controller servers which acted as nodes in the cluster. These controllers transferred data to cache NAS servers where users would access the desired data.

* ASI Technologies ( 12/2006 - 4/2010 )

Managed all aspects of the Data center system administration setup design and networking of our logistics management applications.


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William Marty Buchaus Jr
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