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Little Bit Of Snow

Marty Buchaus February 17, 2021

WTF is with the snow.

2020 and by extension the pandemic year which I believe started on March 3rd, 2020 We have had all kinds of CRAP thrown at us Prictator governors , The ushering in of a new communist regime, Protecting Gender dysphoria mental disorders and trying to change the LAW without due process and representation. Well Now on top of the Plandemic and the tyrannical lock downs that have done more harm than good.. we have the snow in of 2021

{{< figure src="/ox-hugo/comming_down.jpg" caption="Figure 1: coming down" >}}

More Pics

This make the Case for Moving to Florida all that more appealing. We will be Moving down at the End of June

{{< figure src="/ox-hugo/before.jpg" >}}

{{< figure src="/ox-hugo/before2.jpg" >}}

{{< figure src="/ox-hugo/after.jpg" >}}