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British Lion Attacks Joliet the Forge

Marty Buchaus January 30, 2020

The Deets

{{< figure src="/ox-hugo/british lion.jpg" caption="Figure 1: British Lion" >}}

My Bud and 6 stringer Jim Tomaszewski from Trainwreck got us tickets to see British Lion at the Forge Wednesday night. There were two openers, 1 local Chicago band that had a name too complicated to remember. The Picture books 2 member band with the drummer that has no cymbals.

{{< figure src="/ox-hugo/20200129-PictureBooks.jpg" caption="Figure 2: The Picture Books" >}}

British Lion Took the Stage and It was good to see Harris again.

{{< figure src="/ox-hugo/20200129_BritishLIonForgeJoliet-Harris.jpg" caption="Figure 3: Steve Harris" >}}

I didn't recognize most of the songs. The sound was less than optimal, a lot of reflection from the hard surfaces of the bar. The Signature Clack of the Fender Precision was there though. I still can't believe he plays Flats and gets that clack. The entire band put on a good show, very engaging, Lots of guitar harmonies, they stood out. As with most metal shows the bass drum was way too loud and droned out most of the other low end tones.

{{< figure src="/ox-hugo/20200129_BritishLionForgeJoliet.jpg" caption="Figure 4: British Lion" >}}

Over all We all had a good time. Spent too much on Drinks $5 20oz beer, that is nucking futz