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Warwick Tuning Key

Marty Buchaus July 24, 2018 [music] #bass #warwick #tuning #key

So This Happened

SO! I was practicing last night and started the session as I always do by tuning. A string was a bit flat so I started to increase the tension, and nothing... so I released tension to tighten back into the proper 440 A. and the string falls out of the bridge. What The 'Fargin Bastages'? Yea after attempting to restring the pin falls out of the tuning key. AAAAAH NO!

Figure 1: Hole in the headstock where a tuner should be

I start the frantic look online for a Warwick left hand tuning key. Amazon $45 bucks. ouch. the Schallers are only $20. Other Online stores. 119 for a set of 4, don't need four. 11 euro and 45 euro to ship to the states. Ug.. that's more than amazon. So Mark Wilson of Warwick Depot Dallas Pointed me to the Nashville store who says the The Bass Place Has them in stock. And they do. and mine should be here soon.

Figure 2: Busted Warwick brand tuner

Drama Over!

update 2019

I had a second tuner go. Broke exactly like the one before I did some more digging and found the Schallers, but the Hip Shot Tuning Machine looked to be better built. So I replaced all of my warwick tuners with these and have gone almost a year and not breakage and they hold pitch and I'm Happy with them.

Figure 3: Full bass shot  2008 Warwick thumb BO