Stop Using solder for political means.

I received this email that was undoubtedly forwarded on to many people, Which helps spread spam by the way.. ( see the Rules of Email Forwarding) anyway

The Email:

“This commercial was done by a local kid. You have to watch the whole thing. When he finishes talking and walks away, you get a sense of how this could be the commercial of the campaign season.

Bob Cook and I were on the Lake County Republican Central Committee together. His son Joe returned from Iraq last year and I was at the celebration to welcome him home.”

Hi, My son Joe just did a commercial for John McCain. Please pass this on.

Thanks Bob Cook

My Rebuttal:

I’ve yet to hear what freedom this Iraq (non-declared) war has brought us. The Ideals these poor misguided solders are fighting for are not the true reasons we’re in Iraq. Our Troops being In Iraq Being Killed in vein is what we should be extremely Pissed about. This commercial states that we’re promoting freedom for the Iraq people. You have to ask yourself why Iraq and not Zimbabwe or many countries in South America, Where freedoms are (actually) oppressed.

The Simple truth of Iraq is Our (Schtasie, SS, Gestapo, Police state pushing) Intelligence divisions of OUR government put Hussein in Power.. Then when he stopped playing puppet and grew his own pair. We went in and cut em off. With the (NEWSPEAK) of we’ve always been at war with Iraq, weapons of mass destruction, more lies and more lies…. ( those lies of which George dubuhhhhh bush) is now being indicted for impeachment.

I do however think that Obama is a schmedly. and we should all write in Ron Paul on all of our ballots this year.. to prove the election system is broken and pre-defined.

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