Daily Notes


11 November

2018 11 07

  • Practice get ready for the Gig next Saturday
  • ScreemKing Practice today.. ow my fingers.

2018 11 05

  • In Moratorium with RS Still making changes before December
  • Only changes are due to lack of drive space
  • I got the opnsense firewalls working. (still cannot get CARP over want for DHCP assigned single routable IP)
  • I really like the net flow stuff on opnsense
  • Masons Tonite!
  • Making sure to be ready to Vote tomorrow!!!!

10 October

2018 10 04

  • I think I’ve finally got a theme for Hugo that looks good and works properly

2018 10 02

  • Back at work after Trip to San Antonio where I dislodged a 10mm Kidney stone.
  • Practice with Trainwreck tonite. Looking forward to it. I am going to need to learn a lot of tunes, I’m sure

09 September

2018 09 27

  • Spent this week in San Antonio,
  • Found out and dislodged a Kidney stone 10mm had to have a stint installed.

2018 09 13

  • the New rspamd and dovecot (in conjunction with docker) is quite cool. * Spent Most of last nite getting radhits mail server working. YAY!

2018 09 12

  • I’m going to attempt to add Posts per day (where I can fit them in) and additional articles when they need more space than this.

2018 09 11

  • Attempting to get new Stuff into the blog and to push things up daily
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